Heading to a concert? Or is it Game Night?

August 3rd, 2013

Game night transfers from ozEcab!
You may or may not have considered it; but next time you’re off to Suncorp Stadium for the big game or a massive concert, why not take ozEcab to get there and home safely?
Pre-book your ozEcab and skip the line! No matter what event or venue, ozEcab’s got you covered. Why not speak to our friendly operators today about our different transfers?
ozEcab, the taxi alternative.

High Costs of Parking at the Airport

June 12th, 2013

High Costs of Parking at the Airport

In a recent ACCC report on Australian airports found that Brisbane Airport had the highest long-term parking charges in the country despite not raising them over the year.

Last year Brisbane Airport decided to invest $300 million in building car parks. However the decision to invest in building car parks rather than more runways has led to increasing service issues due to the escalating number of flights arriving in Brisbane. It’s become a case of ‘too little too late’ as it would take Brisbane Airport another 5 years to build a new runway, all the while more customers are feeling the frustration over flight delays to land and to take off.

Adding to the mounting frustration is the high costs of parking at the Airport. The cost of one day parking at BAC (Brisbane Airport Corporation) is $62, while a week will cost you $142. In Sydney a week’s parking is $127, Perth at $93, Melbourne at $77 and Adelaide at $70. More importantly the costs of time parking at the BAC can be quite lengthy and demanding particularly after your flight has been delayed, you’ve had too much to drink on your flight, you’re jet lagged, you’ve spent time meandering through customs or waiting for your luggage. Furthermore you still need to remember where you parked your car in the first place!

If you’re looking for an airport transfer that will save you time by being on time for the booking, will provide you a clean vehicle and a chauffeur then your answer is ozEcab.

There are few key benefits by travelling with ozEcab:

  1. ozEcab monitors all flight bookings – In the case that you become a casualty of #bnelateagain, our drivers monitor flight times whether the flight is arriving five minutes early or is an hour late. This ensures that we can guarantee you a vehicle regardless of whether the flight is early or late.

  2. Our drivers will wait at the airport with a signboard – An intrinsic part of our services is having our driver wait at the airport with your name on a signboard. We understand how hectic it can be to be carrying your luggage whilst navigating through large crowds, not to mention the difficulty of finding your driver amongst a sea of chauffeurs and taxi drivers.

  3. Our drivers insist on helping with your luggage – Have a bit of luggage? No fear, our drivers have been trained and are experienced to help carry your luggage to the car.


If this article hasn’t convinced you to stop parking at airports and made you switch from using taxis and cabs. Then give us a call on 1300 693 222 to find out what makes ozEcab a premium alternative to taxis.

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ozEcab Are Fighting Back the Economy

May 22nd, 2013

ozEcab Are Fighting Back the Economy


ozEcab Vs. Taxis. Better Value. Same Price.

For the first time, in the history of ozEcab, we have had a major price restructure with a view to provide more value to current and new clients.

We’ve listened and we’ve taken ACTION! Our economy has been hit hard. Each day more companies fall into receivership, unemployment rises, the Australian dollar falls along with the fall of business and consumer confidence. Forget about travelling in taxis or cabs, forget about driving tonight, we’ve found your solution to enjoying your night out with out breaking the bank! Now with ozEcab you can experience luxury limousine service and find out why everyone has been raving about ozEcab.

As times get harder, there is one thing we shouldn’t settle for less and that is quality in our services. The people of South East Queensland deserve better service, which is why we’ve made our Limousine services affordable, so that everyone can travel in style and comfort.

ozEcab. Better Value. Same Price

Call 1300 693 222


luxury affordable service

luxury affordable service

City Parking Becomes Mission Impossible

May 21st, 2013

Since the roll out of City Hall’s controversial parking changes in Brisbane last January, City Hall has pocketed an extra $40K in as little as seven weeks.

Last January marked an end to free parking and saw an extension of parking meters covering 1255 parking bays in the CBD, Fortitude Valley and South Brisbane, a higher pricing structure, limited parking times and new fees. The scheme was meant to encourage turn over across Brisbane’s central entertainment and retail precincts and prevent people from using a car park all night long . However fresh reports have seen more people frustrated with the new parking structure with many citing that city parking is now “Mission Impossible” and all it has done is given City Hall the grand opportunity to fine those unfortunate enough to have parked longer than their paid meter.

City Restaurants struggle with new parking changes.

Even city restaurateurs are facing the heat as less people are choosing to dine out, discouraged by the soaring parking fees, parking time restrictions and the strenuous difficulty of a finding a parking spot. Unbeknownst to weary eyed drivers are the changes in parking zones with many drivers being fined for parking in a loading zone when 10 minutes ago it was a parking zone. The reality is that restricted parking times has forced many diners to relinquish on street parking to expensive city car parks, catch taxis or cabs more regularly or pushed diners out to suburban restaurants. The Myer Centre is $50 per day, $65 a day at Queens Plaza and $70 for Eagle Street Pier. Would you pay it?

The reality is that CBD parking can be a real nightmare for anyone wanting to have a night out in town.

On top of costly parking and parking restrictions, other issues include not being able to drink, feeling too tired to drive and the worst is finding out someone has reversed into your parked car. It’s a quick way to turn a fantastic evening with friends or your partner into a terrible evening peppered with a million problems. Then after all that, does anyone really want to stand on the side street in the middle of winter for 10 minutes trying to hail a cab or taxi and then find that out that cab smells and also 5 minutes into the fare the driver has taken you the opposite way you wanted to go?

Parking in Brisbane, is it worth it? Probably not, but at least ozEcab is an excellent alternative to end your evening on a high note without the expensive price tag. ozEcab (the taxi alternative) guarantees to provide immaculately clean cars and with its own advanced satellite and GPS tracking system, the drivers will always assure your safety and comfort till you have reached your destination. Feel like ranting your own experiences, talk to us on Facebook or tweet us @Ozecab_limo your own parking nightmare.

Lisa (Marketing Manager)

Are you Sick and Tired of Waiting for that Taxi?

April 30th, 2013

Taxi Wait Times

I’m going to miss my flight! I’m going to be late for that meeting! Now I’m late! Is the taxi lost?

Sounds familiar? If you have ever been caught out waiting for a taxi, wondering where it is or how far away it is, chances are you’re part of the ever-growing taxi waiting club. In a recent survey of Brisbane’s worst spots to catch a cab, three of Brisbane’s South-West suburbs Darra, Inala and Redbank Plains were found to hardest places to catch a taxi. Lengthy wait times aren’t a surprise for these residents where taxi wait times sometimes were up to an hour on certain days.

There are few reasons why cabs in Brisbane have a notorious image of long wait times. One of the contributing reasons is the illegal act of refusing taxi fares for short distances from drivers both disadvantaging consumers and leaving them with no little options. As well the tendency of most drivers to stay in the city where they know there are many travellers is another contributing reason for the long wait time in suburban Brisbane areas. Waiting times might not be an issue, if you have plenty of time on your hands, but for the majority of Brisbane consumers, waiting in a queue, not knowing when your taxi will arrive is possibly one of the most frustrating moments in to the start of your day or evening.

Now here’s a fresh change! ozEcab specialises in ensuring that your vehicle always arrives on time and every time. How? All the vehicles are GPS and satellite tracked which means ozEcab can tell you where it is, how far away your car is and at what speed it is going.

Now the question is, would you rather wait or is about time you started booking with ozEcab?

ozEcab Is Not a Taxi Company

April 17th, 2013

What is ozEcab ?

ozEcab is in fact a limousine company that offers luxury chauffeured car services as an alternative to taxis. For a long time, limousines have been viewed as ‘vehicles for hire’ for weddings, formals and red carpet events. ozEcab challenged these conventional ideas by providing a gateway for the public to travel in the safety and comfort of a limousine at an affordable price.

The ozEcab name was conceived to challenge people’s perceptions of limousines from exclusive use to every day and challenge the perceptions of taxis by delivering a superior alternative.

Having worked in both the taxi industry and limousine industry for numerous years, the Managing Director of ozEcab, John Busst focused on creating an innovative transport option for the people of South East Queensland that would rival the taxi industry. It’s not surprising that ozEcab quickly gained popularity among those that were highly dissatisfied with the poor service from taxis.

ozEcab created a new platform for limousines that wasn’t only reserved for the rich and famous, but was available to everyone that was looking for a safer and more comfortable alternative.

Welcome to our new website!

March 6th, 2013

Our blog has been created as a way to keep connected with the general public and also to provide updates on new changes and the growth of the business.

The concept for the website was inspired by our drivers and our staff at ozEcab and hopes to display our down to earth nature, our humility and our professionalism as customer service providers. ozEcab has come a long way from their early days and though we’ve encountered many speed bumps along the way, our desire to provide a taxi alternative to the public has never wavered.

Like a breath of fresh air, ozEcab has been a relief for many who previously only had the choices of travelling in taxis and public transport. As the growth of this company continues, our goal is to move into other capital cities and transform the ground transport industry to provide people with quality customer service. As always, we’re a company that listens to their customers and guarantee to deliver service that you deserve!

Lisa (Marketing Manager)

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