Our Story

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Company Overview:

ozEcab is a Brisbane based Limousine company that provides car transfers for both business and leisure for everyone at the same rate as taxis. We pride ourselves by providing safe, comfortable and reliable service.

Have the peace of mind of travelling safely to your destination with the courtesy from our drivers and the comfort from our vehicles.

It all starts when one day, a taxi driver named John Busst first dreamed: "What Australia needs is a quality limousine service that will rival the taxi industry!" That became his mission to transform the industry and set a benchmark for change.

Unsurprisingly, there were quite a few people who agreed the taxi industry was not up to scratch and were strongly dissatisfied with the service.

Soon, major television networks caught wind of John's mission to challenge the industry standards.

In no short time, there was a positive cover story about ozEcab on A Current Affair which really set things ablaze. All of a sudden, the ozEcab phone was ringing off the hook, with inquiries all over Australia wanting to know when ozEcab would arrive in their state. Trials and tribulations with a very angry taxi industry with intents to bring down ozEcab and put it out of business followed. But we rose above with the support of family, friends and a robust growing fleet taking one step forward every day for one big change. They said ozEcab would never survive... we told them, "In your dreams!"

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