ozEcab Is Not a Taxi Company

What is ozEcab ?

ozEcab is in fact a limousine company that offers luxury chauffeured car services as an alternative to taxis. For a long time, limousines have been viewed as ‘vehicles for hire’ for weddings, formals and red carpet events. ozEcab challenged these conventional ideas by providing a gateway for the public to travel in the safety and comfort of a limousine at an affordable price.

The ozEcab name was conceived to challenge people’s perceptions of limousines from exclusive use to every day and challenge the perceptions of taxis by delivering a superior alternative.

Having worked in both the taxi industry and limousine industry for numerous years, the Managing Director of ozEcab, John Busst focused on creating an innovative transport option for the people of South East Queensland that would rival the taxi industry. It’s not surprising that ozEcab quickly gained popularity among those that were highly dissatisfied with the poor service from taxis.

ozEcab created a new platform for limousines that wasn’t only reserved for the rich and famous, but was available to everyone that was looking for a safer and more comfortable alternative.

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