Are you Sick and Tired of Waiting for that Taxi?

Taxi Wait Times

I’m going to miss my flight! I’m going to be late for that meeting! Now I’m late! Is the taxi lost?

Sounds familiar? If you have ever been caught out waiting for a taxi, wondering where it is or how far away it is, chances are you’re part of the ever-growing taxi waiting club. In a recent survey of Brisbane’s worst spots to catch a cab, three of Brisbane’s South-West suburbs Darra, Inala and Redbank Plains were found to hardest places to catch a taxi. Lengthy wait times aren’t a surprise for these residents where taxi wait times sometimes were up to an hour on certain days.

There are few reasons why cabs in Brisbane have a notorious image of long wait times. One of the contributing reasons is the illegal act of refusing taxi fares for short distances from drivers both disadvantaging consumers and leaving them with no little options. As well the tendency of most drivers to stay in the city where they know there are many travellers is another contributing reason for the long wait time in suburban Brisbane areas. Waiting times might not be an issue, if you have plenty of time on your hands, but for the majority of Brisbane consumers, waiting in a queue, not knowing when your taxi will arrive is possibly one of the most frustrating moments in to the start of your day or evening.

Now here’s a fresh change! ozEcab specialises in ensuring that your vehicle always arrives on time and every time. How? All the vehicles are GPS and satellite tracked which means ozEcab can tell you where it is, how far away your car is and at what speed it is going.

Now the question is, would you rather wait or is about time you started booking with ozEcab?


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