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ozEcab Are Fighting Back the Economy

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

ozEcab Are Fighting Back the Economy


ozEcab Vs. Taxis. Better Value. Same Price.

For the first time, in the history of ozEcab, we have had a major price restructure with a view to provide more value to current and new clients.

We’ve listened and we’ve taken ACTION! Our economy has been hit hard. Each day more companies fall into receivership, unemployment rises, the Australian dollar falls along with the fall of business and consumer confidence. Forget about travelling in taxis or cabs, forget about driving tonight, we’ve found your solution to enjoying your night out with out breaking the bank! Now with ozEcab you can experience luxury limousine service and find out why everyone has been raving about ozEcab.

As times get harder, there is one thing we shouldn’t settle for less and that is quality in our services. The people of South East Queensland deserve better service, which is why we’ve made our Limousine services affordable, so that everyone can travel in style and comfort.

ozEcab. Better Value. Same Price

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luxury affordable service

luxury affordable service

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