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Welcome to our new website!

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Our blog has been created as a way to keep connected with the general public and also to provide updates on new changes and the growth of the business.

The concept for the website was inspired by our drivers and our staff at ozEcab and hopes to display our down to earth nature, our humility and our professionalism as customer service providers. ozEcab has come a long way from their early days and though we’ve encountered many speed bumps along the way, our desire to provide a taxi alternative to the public has never wavered.

Like a breath of fresh air, ozEcab has been a relief for many who previously only had the choices of travelling in taxis and public transport. As the growth of this company continues, our goal is to move into other capital cities and transform the ground transport industry to provide people with quality customer service. As always, we’re a company that listens to their customers and guarantee to deliver service that you deserve!

Lisa (Marketing Manager)

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