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I am so glad you have come on the market, amazing service, exceptionally professional and reliable. I thoroughly support your business and refer you as much as I can.
Providing service like the old days.



I have been a client since close to your beginning & thoroughly endorse & support your business.
I take this opportunity to commend Denise + the ‘Indian/Fijian’ chappy.  They are a credit to themselves & to you!



I would like to compliment you on one of your drivers.  Gino drove a lady home today (DVA patient) that was not going a great distance; she was elderly and also needing assistance.  Your driver Gino greeted her with a smile as he always does and gave the greatest of care.  Gino is one of the most polite people our staff has had the pleasure to speak with.  Gino is gracious, kind and always ready to help our staff and patients.

It is a pleasure to have Gino in Greenslopes Private Hospital as he not only does his job with professionalism and great pride but he makes everyone he comes into contact feel in safe hands.  Gino does not ask for anything in return, he is simply a great person filling the lives of our patients with happiness by putting a smile on their faces.

Gino, we thank you on behalf of our hospital, staff and patients for helping in the wonderful way you do.

Transport Desk
Greenslopes Private Hospital


Mr Boniface was brought into Greenslopes Private Hospital by Oze Limousines today for an appointment at the Speciality Clinics. Mr Boniface’s carer raved about your driver “James.” Mr Boniface’s carer explained that no one had ever knocked on their door and most drivers simply sit outside in the car and never really help in anyone. Your driver James knocked on the door like a true gentleman and gave five star service which greatly impressed our DVA patients. They gave a glowing report on how James was so helpful in every way.

All your drivers are very polite and very obliging and we thank you for this.

It is a pleasure to ring ozEcabs for our staff at Greenslopes Private Hospital.

We truly thank your drivers for all their care and attention they give to all patients and our staff.

Transport Desk
Speciality Clinics
Greenslopes Private Hospital


So glad to see someone has finally offered this type of quality taxi service and at the appropriate prices! Behind you all the way!


Now that’s a fresh change. A clean cab, no tobacco smell and a very attentive driver who waited for me to reach my gate after I arrived home.
Obviously this is part of a new approach, something called “Customer Service”, and a rare find indeed.
Wish the business every success!


I have only just heard about and love the concept of Ozecabs! I remember catching cabs as a younger woman. I remember many enjoyable conversations I had with drivers who regaled me with stories of the interesting history of Brisbane and outer suburbs and had a quiet but obvious pride in their service. Unfortunately, this local knowledge and pride is sadly lacking in cab drivers these days. I have not had a single cab driver in the last decade who actually knew where any of my destinations were (not even what side of town) or who spoke or understood English well enough for me to explain directions. In some cases my directions or requests have been completely ignored or the driver has indicated that they do not understand me.

In an age where jobs in Australia require a good understanding of the English language in both written and spoken form, I am surprised there is such a flourishing business in the competencies of the workers actually fall FAR below our basic standards?! Nor was I aware of the rights listed on this website (great idea!) however I would also like to see customer “responsibilities” listed below the rights (you cannot have one without the other – i.e. no bad language, racism, violence etc towards the driver, cab or property therein) I look forward to using a service where my driver will be friendly, courteous, helpful and knowledgeable, with the ability to hold a good conversation if desired. Well done Ozecabs!


I just lobbed up to one of your cabs at the red light. Asked the driver for a business card. Had not heard of Ozecab before. Very amused to read “Your Rights”. Funny, in the last couple of years most of my “rights” have been unavailable to me. I would just like to know that every cab i get into has a fluent english speaking driver. So much not the case these days.

I’ve had hair-raising scary rides, ignorant drivers, drivers who speak very little, if any at all, english, no airconditioning and refusals to turn it on (apparently “the owners have instructed me not to use it – it increases the running costs of the vehicle”) and that’s only if i understood half a dozen of those words; I’ve had drivers who haven’t a clue where my destination is, and absolutely no interest in listening to my suggested travel route. So, I have STOPPED USING CABS. When I go out now, I don’t drink – I drive. Good for my health perhaps. But now, I’m going to try out your service and hope that it lives up to your customer charter, and respects my rights.

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